Trading at the weekend

Binary options are a very exciting finance tool. Therefore, many people want to realize their profitable strategies at the weekend- Be it because they do not plan anything else at the moment or be it that they simply have fun while trading.
Just as others spend the rainy Saturday in front of the Playstation or the X-box, enthusiastic options traders prefer realizing their trading strategies and make money at the same time.

Usually, the markets have closed at the weekend and therefore, you cannot trade. This is just possible from Monday to Friday. However, a few brokers offer the opportunity to also trade at the weekend on a limited basis. That is especially interesting for those who have good market knowledge and therefore are able to estimate well how the market will open on Monday. Trading with binary options at the weekend may then result in very high profits.

Where you can trade at the weekend

One of the brokers that offers you the opportunity of trading at the weekend is the company OptionBit. There, you receive a return of up to 400 % per weekend trade that has been won. Actually fantastic and almost too good to be true. But there is a little hitch. You can not set the expiry time of the options the way you want to set them but all options expire automatically on Monday when trading starts.

What you can trade at OptionBit at the weekend

On the one hand, you can trade the classic binary options. With them you can trade all big currency pairs, gold, oil, the stock index S&P 500 and the shares of Apple and Google.

Moreover, there are the so called touch-options. With them you always win when the price has reached at least once a certain course aim during the contract time. Basically, you can trade all big currency pairs, gold and oil with touch options at the weekend.
The returns are pretty impressive since they are very lucrative with up to 400 %.

Start using the weekend trade at OptionBit and win up to 400 % per trade.
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