Best Brokers for Binary Options VIP Traders

As a trader, making money is your number one goal.  You want to be knowledgeable in your trade, make the right the decisions, and earn from your investment.  Many brokers understand this and provide packages and support to traders on all account levels.

But what makes a VIP trader?  A VIP trader pretty much eat, sleep, and breathe trading.  They educate themselves about binary option trading, will smartly invest to make a good profit, will stay up to date on trading tools and strategies, and work with the best brokers.  Below you will find some helpful insight on the best brokers for VIPs.

What special treatments are there for VIPs?

Higher Bonus Percentages

Most brokers offer their clients bonuses whether they are VIP or not.  The difference between a VIP bonus and a non-VIP bonus is in the percentages.  When you go to a broker’s website and search the type of accounts they have available, you will see accounts listed from the very basics to VIP.  As you get closer to the VIP account details, you notice that as the account levels get higher, the bonus percentages increase as well.  VIP account holders will receive higher bonus percentages than any other account.

Fewer Restrictions

One perk that lower account holders will definitely envy is the fewer restrictions on trading assets.  Some brokers place restrictions on trading assets due to maximum/ minimum option sizes, trading activity, or whatever the reason january be.   Some brokers will relieve these restrictions for VIP account holders.

Additional Profit Percentages

Some brokers offer their clients additional percentages in profits. Similar to bonuses, the higher the account level is the bigger the percentage, and of course, VIP accounts receive the highest percentages.

Risk-Free Trades

Another perk brokers usually offer their clients is risk-free trades.  Risk-free trades allow traders to bet in binary option trading without losing their initial investment. If a trader loses, then the broker covers it.  If the trader wins, then he can keep his profits.  VIP account holders will be offered the highest number of risk-free trading opportunities.

Education, Training, Tools and Strategies

Most brokers offer their VIP account holders unlimited access to educational documents, webinars, tools and strategies, and personal training sessions.  These benefits keep VIP account holders ahead of most traders and help them make responsible and smarter decisions.

This is just a glimpse of what VIP account holders have to look forward to.  The most important thing a broker can offer to their VIP client is an outstanding support system.

How does VIP support look like?

The best brokers offer their VIP a personal support system.  VIP account holders tend to have their own personal manager, broker, coach, and / or advisor.  They have the benefit of working with people who know the ins and outs of binary trading, who will personally manage their account, and / or show them how to make smarter decisions when trading.

What brokers are usually best in regards to VIP treatment?

There are a lot of VIP Packages out there, but only a few stand out. Please note that deposit bonuses will no longer be allowed starting from January 2021 when a broker is regulated by CySec (and most are).

Go Option

Go Option offers their VIP’s a 500% welcome bonus, depending on the deposit made.  They will have access to daily analysis, social links and videos, Skype room strategies entry, Concierge Skype and management level support plus the following:

  • 4 Risk-Free Trades of $500
  • Signal Integration
  • Higher Custom Payout Packages
  • 10% Lifetime Loss Insurance and Other Benefits

Porter Finance

Porter Finance’s Royal account provides the account holder with a broker, an account manager, a personal coach, live webinars, access to a money management system and other benefits including:

  • 50% Loss Insurance
  • Expedited Withdrawals
  • Exotic Vacation
  • Academy VIP Membership
  • Account + Bonus

Grand Option

Grand Option’s Diamond account holders have no restrictions when trading assets. They have access to 24/7 customer service and the following:

  • Personal Coach
  • Personal Training Session with Market Expert
  • No Withdrawal Fees
  • 4% Return on Every Trade

These three VIP accounts are just a glimpse of what is available to you.  When choosing any VIP account, be sure to carefully look at what benefits are available and read the broker’s terms and conditions to see what conditions, if any, are attached to those benefits.

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