Binary Option Robot Review – Worth a try?

This review has the purpose of explaining the great advantages of having automated software in order to help binary options traders with more profitable trades, without the fear of being a scam or fraud. Binary Option Robot has fantastic features and great feedback from traders who have already opened an account with them and had positive returns.

Introduction: What is a Binary Option Robot?

Well, for those who are new to the binary option trading world, the robot is simply software that can be automatically programmed to make specific trades for you, while you do not have to worry about being on front of the computer 24/7. So, the aim of Binary Option Robot is to maximize your trading profits, in a very easy and friendly way.

Binary Option Robot: The Best Choice

With more than 83% of successful results, Binary Option Robot does not require any download, and it comes in two versions: a basic one (free) and a VIP one (with more specific features not available on the basic version). Both of them are 100% automated and traders do not have to be connected in order to trade. All traders have to do is to setup an account with a binary option broker and then deposit some amount of money to start trading.

How Binary Option Robot Works

Basically, Binary Option Robot works through a very sophisticated algorithm specific for trading. Then this software will make a parallel between some information/data in order to predict changes that happened in the market. And depending on the broker chosen, the deposit amount will vary, so it is also relevant to choose a recommended and reliable broker as a way of avoiding frauds and scams.

Traders also january choose between the automated trading feature or there is the possibility of entering the trades manually. Using six different indicators (Trend, RSI, CCI, Williams, Stochastics and MACD), the robot system is a very smart tool for those who know or have some idea on how the binary option trading works.

So, the next step is to login and select the technical indicator you wish to use to receive the signals, and also select the currency pair, expiration time, value and trading system. If you are used to forex market, forget about it! When it comes to trading with the robot, you have to have in mind that the signals are not based on the End of day trading. Instead, the signals have a certain expiration time, which will be traded in different platforms and brokers, as the robot checks if that specific time and asset are available.

Great Returns and Profits

As previously mentioned, the robot is really impressive in relation to the win rates that the traders can expect from it. It is not disappointing as so many automated robots that promise to give you the best winning combinations and does not do it. So, traders can certainly expect great payouts out of Binary Option Robot, although it will also have to take into account the time frame used by the trader. Anyway, at least 76% of winning rates is possible to happen, although the company claims that payouts can reach up to 87%.

Besides, if you decide to go for the 30, 60 and 15-minute expiry times, then things can be a little bit different, as the win rates range between 65 and 69%. But it is important to keep in mind that, although these numbers are based on traders’ testimonials and it helps to build a great reputation about the robot, traders need to take into consideration that not all robots work the same, and it’s not because traders are using software that it is a synonym of guaranteed return.

VIP Account

If traders are already convinced that Binary Option Robot can be of extreme relevance to investments, then it is very smart to open a VIP account in order to enable different and customized features. So, when traders go for a VIP account, they have the possibility to set the maturity profile and enable signals whenever they wish to, as there will a kind of “switch” to allow investors turn on or off according to expiry rates (on a daily, weekly or monthly basis).

Final Conclusion

Although traders have only the chance to use the customer support in English, it works effectively 5 days a week, from 8 to 4 pm. Depositing with brokers is not complicated at all, and, as soon as a broker is chosen, the minimum deposit amount is required, and basically credit, debit cards, bank wire transfers and other payment methods are accepted.

To sum up, we can say that Binary Option Robot is 100% automated, and a true solution for those in search for binary options trading with safety and confidence, since it is totally regulated and licensed by CySEC.

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