Making a Deposit with Bank Transfer

A bank transfer is simple and everybody made at least one transfer in the last few weeks or months. It’s a classical payment method that is also very popular among binar option traders that move a lot of money. Making a deposit of $10.000 is a question of trust. And usually you trust your own bank most because you can go to their branch office and ask what’s wrong when there are problems with a transfer. This is not the case with Paypal, Skrill or credit cards. And even though a bank transfer takes a few days, it’s still very popular and that’s why almost every Binary Option Broker is offering this deposit option.

Binary Option Brokers with Bank Transfer

Even though a bank transfer has a few disadvantages, it’s still a very popular deposit method and is supported by virtually every Binary Option Broker. It’s hard to find a broker where you can’t make a deposit through bank transfer. The following table shows our recommendations when it comes to selecting the right broker for your bank transfer:

When to deposit with a bank transfer

There’s no doubt: a bank transfer is not for everybody. Imagine you want to start trading with $50 and you can’t wait to get started. In this case it would be awful if you make a bank transfer and had to wait three days until this small amount of money reaches your trading account. Nobody wants to wait this long to just try out Binary Option Trading. In this case you should use credit cards or Skrill. With these deposit options you will have your funds available instantly and can start trading immediately.

But there are also traders that are happy to make a bank transfer and can’t even imagine to use another option. These traders are professionals or traders with a lot of money they want to invest. Would you like to move $20.000 with your credit card or an eWallet? Not me. In this case I’d only make a bank transfer and can get sure that my bank processes this transaction properly.

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