Lowest minimum deposit

This article is about the Binary Option Trading niche. I want to tell you a bit more about this subject.

First we will start with what Binary Option Trading is.

The Binary Option Brokers Association was first founded in 2021 and the Binary options made a great deal in 2021, which meant new brokers opened and old broker closed, now there is over 20 licensed brokers.

The binary options are a niche area of the financial markets. This is a new financial instrument for active and high frequency traders. This is mostly handled by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and as a member of the European union, Cyprus licensed investment firms are all covered by the EU’s MiFID rules that allow the broker to operate in all EU countries.

There are many trading apps and trading signal providers that makes promises of fast money.

Now I will tell you a bit about more what they do.

The way this works is by placing money on a trade and in return you could get between 60% to 95% depending on the asset and time frame. But there is also a risk that you could lose your money, the risk is all yours.

Now we will look into IQ Option, a lot of the brokers offer the same things like: same type of assets, same binary options and the same trading experience, only differing in nuances.

IQ Option Features high payouts

High and low options is regularly feature payout of around 80%-90%. Some other broker offer more.

With IQ you can open a free account and you can find out how it works, bit with IQ you can deposit as little as $10 which is the lowest you can get.

With over a few traders you can get an additional 5 percent payout that could make a massive difference.

  • With over 10 trader an additional 5 percent payout which means in an account balance of 162 percent.
  • With over 50 winning traders and a additional 5 percent payout which will result in 1147 percent
  • With over 100 winning traders and a additional 10 percent pay-out which will result in 13150 percent

In the world in the binary options, a 100 traders is not much in the world today it is classed as a low active trader and if you can do 100 traders in one month it is classed as a medium and having 13150 percent.

What makes IQoptions different?

In the old days, when a trader had to download software and trade in front of a lot of pcs. Since then the world and technology has changed now you can get free demo accounts before you invest and have a look how it works.

IQ is one of the last brokers that offer free demo accounts. This demo allows you to place actual trades, record your trading history and evaluates your success, this is a true demo account that will make binary options much easier.

Once you have tried the demo account you can open an account and there is low deposit requirements, most of the other traders has a minimum deposit of $500, but with IQ it allows you to deposit $10 that will make starting up your trading career easy.

With IQ the process is easy all you need to do is click on the open a account link and then you will have two options, you can either fill in the form online or you can join with your Facebook or Google account, it couldn’t be easier. Make sure if you want to deposit you choose the real trading account and not the demo account, and with IQ they have the largest selection of payment method.

In conclusion of this article

I’m going to download the demo account so I can try this myself and if I like it I will be opening a real account and try and make money or knowing my luck I will lose money, it worth a try.

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