Trading with Facebook Options

The Facebook IPO is now a very hot topic. It was the largest IPO ever. Even Google’s IPO, a couple of years ago, was nothing compared to Facebook’s IPO. But there are many issues with this IPO. Many experts say that the stocks are overpriced and Facebook will have trouble increasing its revenue, profit and stock price. There are also legal issues, especially the Nasdaq troubles and insider dealing. The Facebook IPO was not pretty to say the least but the best thing is that you can profit from this buzz, even if prices will drop. You can either trade with CFDs (which is very risky especially with a stock this volatile) or binary options. There are only a few brokers where you can trade binary options with Facebook and one of them is Traderush. This is one of the largest brokers out there and one of the first brokers where you can trade with Facebook options.

How can I trade with Facebook options?

This is very simple especially when you’re familiar with binary option brokers already.

  1. Click here to create your account at Traderush, one of the leading binary option brokers.
  2. Deposit funds with one of your prefered deposit options.
  3. Choose “stocks” at the trading platform and scroll to “Facebook”
  4. Buy or sell Facebook options – put or call, it’s your choice!

Buy or sell?

It’s obvious that we can’t promise anything and when you browse the Internet you will find considerable speculation. The most important advice is not to listen to rumors and trade according to them. If you bought the Facebook hype and you purchased stocks right after the IPO, it would have been very expensive since the price went down quickly and long term investors will be especially disappointed. The problem with Facebook is that it has nearly no real assets and depends entirely on their users. Assume that Facebook will lose 30% of their users because there’s another great social network or social networks in general aren’t that attractive anymore. This happened to MySpace and others already. In this case, the Facebook stock would convert into a penny stock. The expectations have been very high and the valuation was more than 100 annual profits which is huge. A price earnings ratio of more than 80 is also huge. Even with the price of $30 we have right now, these numbers aren’t that much better. In the long term, Facebook will keep falling when they don’t solve major problems like increasing profits or monetize the platform better. But in the short term, everything can happen. The tendency is put right now though.

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